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Why drink Wideawake Water? Geologists theorize that Wideawake spring water is like a triple distilled water that has only four important key elements and with a perfect PH of 7.0 it is the best it can be.

Key Elements
Calcium - 7.2mg/lMagnesium - 1.3mg/l
Fluoride - .21mg/lSodium - 2.2mg/l

What is amazing about Wideawake is that when people drink it, many begin to notice significant health benefits almost immediately. Somehow this water acts as a rejuvenate. It is thought that because of its low TDS (total dissolved solids), it hydrates and washes the deep tissues of the body and facilitates better lymphatic drainage of muscles, joints and skin. An Ayurvedic doctor analyzed the water and said it has the properties of a Mica and Mercury Bhasma 1000 times burned, which means that it has the properties of the highest potency medicines for rejuvenation and reversal of aging.

Testing by 3 independent labs have conclusively determined that this water has the lowest count of dissolved solid parts per million of any known water.

What's not in it is no radioactive tritium (found in nearly all of the world's water supplies since the advent of nuclear testing), MTBE gasoline additive, fertilizers, pesticides, no impurities at all. We believe this contributes to the water's incredible ability to detoxify the body.

*** The water analysis results shown here have been confirmed once again in December 2017 by scientists at Denver University who heard about the water and wanted to run an analysis for themselves to confirm the purity of this amazing spring water.

Complete Testing Lab results can be found here.

Our customers have seen many benefits in drinking and soaking in this unique water. Everything from skin problems, arthritis, chronic fatigue, MS to different types of cancer. It's not the cure but a piece of the recovery process.