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The Source

In a remote part of the Arapahoe National Forest in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, near the old mining community of Wideawake, on Uncle Charlie's Ranch, lies a spring with special and unique healing properties. A most extraordinarily pure & natural spring water that has not been subjected to any impurities.

According to Shawn Leppert, hydrologist, this water could be approximately 30,000 years old coming from an ancient source and is not part of the hydrological cycle. In geological terms, it's "connate water" - water that was encased in sediment at the same time the sediment was deposited.

At 10,000 feet elevation and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, Wideawake comes from a unique and rare granite quartzite formation called water rock. The theory is that this special rock filters the water before it reaches the surface giving the purest, natural water available.

In the case of Wideawake, geologists believe the water was deposited into stable bedrock, likely pressure fractured "water rock" that does not dissolve. "Water Rock" isn't found in many places but apparently was laid down tens of thousands of years ago on Uncle Charlie's Ranch along with the water trapped in it until the spring was discovered.