Welcome to Uncle Charlie's Ranch, Home of the Wideawake Spring!
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At The Ranch
Therapeutic Soaks
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Camping and Hot Spring Soaks

Wideawake therapeutic hot soaks provide the ultimate wellness experience. Using our water directly from from the mountain spring, you will feel rejuvenated and alive the moment you enter the water. Soak in our rustic tubs in the fresh mountain air and your body will crave the experience time and time again. This therapeutic soak will enhance your circulation and exfoliate your skin leaving it soft and glowing with life.

...And there is no better way to enjoy an incredible Hot Spring Soak than to spend the night up at the ranch, especially during the summer months of bliss!

We offer tent camping locations as well as RV and camper parking locations in our private pristine valley. You will be so relaxed and rejuvenated from the Hot Springs Soak that we guarantee you won't want to leave right away, sitting back and soaking in the senic beauty and fresh air is the ultimate way to enjoy your soak, so bring your truck, camper, tent and plan to spend the night on the ranch. Talk to Charlie for more details and rates for camping.